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Stationary Buffet Guards™

Stationary Buffet Guards™ are sold as individual post sections. Our design team can assist with you order and specs.

• Custom Manufacturer  • Stock Designs  • Quotes in 24 Hours • Quick Drawings ( 3D & 2D available upon request) •

We Sell Custom Sneeze Guards through our Dealer Network

To Find a Dealer Near You Please Call 1-800-990-0990

MQ Series

Shown Above: MQ151315-72

PGCM Series

Seen Above: PGCM2012-36

MNQ Series

Shown Above:  MNQ201315-72

BM Series

Seen Above: BM101312-7

AF Series

Seen Above: AF101315-72

EL Series

Seen Above: EL152012-72

MN Series

Shown Above: MN201315-72

TD Series

Shown Above: TD201312-72

BT Series

Seen Above: BT151315-72

AD Series

Seen Above:  AD151312-72

QT Series

Seen Above: QTWO101312-72

SB Series

Seen Above:  SB201312-72


DL Series

Shown Above: DL151312-72

FT Series

Shown Above: FT151312-72

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