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Buffet Enhancements International began in 1989 as the brain child of Jay Harlan. At the time Jay worked as a Banquet Manager and found that there was a lack of quality display equipment. Jay seized this opportunity and began his research and development process.

We began our business with one product, the Marquis Fountain™. Which is a dynamic water feature that adds a unique feel to any event, give a great value to the client, and saves the venue on floral costs. As this product began to take off, Jay and his small design team began to let their creativity shine within the Hospitality industry.

After years of building our business with unique products, we launched one of the most culturally recognizable products in the American Chocolate Fountain®. In over twenty years of manufacturing the American Chocolate Fountains®, we still make the worlds most recognizable and long lasting products in this category, while still maintaining it’s production in Fairhope, Alabama.

In recent years, our ability to develop and manufacture unique pieces, especially in 304 Stainless Steel has lead us to being the most unique manufacturer of Buffet Guards™. While we have traditionally done more custom and one-off products in this category, in 2015 we launched our new line of standardized, but unique sneeze guards.

Over the years, we have continued to innovate and design products that are used in all facets of the Hospitality & Food Industries. With our unique look on our industry, our ability to be creative, the ability to look past the status quo and manufacture beautiful products using the highest quality materials, we continue to develop products that innovate and excite.

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