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Can Toppers

Go from trashy to classy! Can toppers are an exclusive from Buffet Enhancements®. Designed to dress up Rubbermaid® 32 gallon, 44 gallon, 55 gallon, and square trash cans, these units will enhance any coffee break or reception. Available in Chefstone™ black diamond or Value Series, and with a choice of black, burgundy, blue, or green skirting.


Made in America

Square Chefstone™ Topper

Round Chefstone™ 32 Gallon Can Topper

Round Chefstone™ 55 Gallon Can Topper

Square Value Topper

Round Value 32 Gallon Can Topper

Round Value 44 Gallon Can Topper

Round Value 55 Gallon Can Topper

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