Buffet Enhancements manufacturer of chocolate fountains and catering equipment

Buffet Enhancements International Inc, American manufacturer of Chocolate fountains, food displays, ice carving displays, and sneeze guards. Veteran owned.

1BAGHL72-Heated-Serving-Line-Polished Stainless-Steel with 4 heat lamps 120v
  • 1BAGHL72 heated serving line.
  • All 304 SS Heat Lamp Construction.
  • Serving Line is excellent for buffets.
  • Optional with Sneeze Guard.
  • Carving Station can be portable or with fixed base.
  • Made in America.
  • Spandex table and chair covers.
  • Spandex tray stand covers.
  • Ideal for Caterers, Clubs, Restaurants, and Hotels.
  • Variety of shapes and colors.
  • Made in America.
Spandex Black stretch round banquet table cover with chairs in white spandex cover.
  • Lights included $250 value!
  • Lighted Ice display great for Ice Carvings.
  • Unbreakable food display tray.
  • 1blre55set and three other sizes!
  • Drain hose inclued.
  • Powdercoat finish.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Custom design of Sneeze Guards.
  • Buffet Guards for any caterer or country club.
  • Call us at 800.990.0990, fax to 800.990.9373 or email sales@buffetenhancements.com.
Chocolate fountain displayed with other buffet enhancing products behind a tempered glass sneeze guard.
1BLCS35-Chefstone-lighted-ice-display.  A black LED lighted base with an acrylic tray filled with salads and garnished with Kale.
  • Chefstone Lighted Ice Display
  • Tray and drain included!
  • LED lights and remote control.
  • Color changing adjustable with a click.
  • Perfect for buffets with ice carvings, or to keep salads cold.
  • Great for seafood bars.
  • Best table for catering!
  • Easy storage for Banqueting.
  • The choice for wedding and parties.
  • Real plywood construction, with solid wood runners.
Spandex stretch table cover
1BSGP48 Economy Sneeze guard for buffets. Features optical 1/4” acrylic which is both durable and good looking. The legs are powder coated steel and free standing. The portable sneeze guard disassembles requiring no tools, and is made to be stored and transported broken down. In the time of Covid-19, this sneeze guard will help protect both your employees and guests. The dimensions are 48” long, 16” deep and 28” tall. Disassembled you can store 50 feet of sneeze-guard on a 4 foot shelf!
  • 1BSGP48 shown in picture
  • Econo sneeze guards are great for Buffets.
  • Catering companies enjoy easy storage.
  • Essential for Event Caterers.
  • Disassembles for easy use.