Pineapple Tree Stands

Pineapple Tree Stands include 1BACFPT42 and the 1BACFPT25 Pineapple Tree stands are perfect for Chocolate Fountains.  The pineapple tree spike is great for Weddings (every bride wants one).  The pineapple tree  is perfect for fondue.  Additionally, it is serves as a stand-alone display.

  • 1BACFPT42 pineapple tree stand
  • 304 stainless steel spike
  • NSF 1″ cutting board base
  • Palm fronds included
  • 18 x 42 18lbs
  • Easily disassembles for easy storage
American Chocolate Fountain 27 inch small all stainless steel and made in America. image shows two chocolate fountains, one with chocolate running, one no chocolate running.

14″ x 25″